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Our Affiliates & Partners

Birkdale Energy Logo.png

Birkdale Energy ( is the parent company of Birkdale Consultants. It was formed as an international business in 2015, providing capital investment and project excellence solutions. Birkdale's focus is on energy asset acquisitions and our leadership team has in depth experience in managing and developing energy companies and energy projects, in diverse cultural and operating environments. Birkdale’s Vision is to building a sustainable business, operating responsibly and transitioning over time from traditional oil and gas production, to mixed traditional and renewable energy solutions.


Axis Well Technology (, are an international firm of experts providing integrated consultancy services in design, planning, supervision and post analysis of well operations projects, In addition, Axis offer a comprehensive range of well and subsurface consultancy services from exploration to decommissioning. Axis provide Birkdale with access to a large team of temporary or semi-permanent experts in well engineering and completion on a project specific basis.

Riskwell logo.png

Riskwell ( was founded in 2020 to resolve inefficiencies in project delivery in North Sea oil and gas operations. With an in-depth knowledge of project and risk management, in addition to complex safety critical programme delivery, our Decision and Risk Management experts developed tools, processes and practices to improve decision-making. Riskwell aims to improve the decisions that companies make by using our best-in-class software packages, leading to enhanced probability of success for all business sectors.

OG Advisors logo.png

Oil & Gas Advisors ( is an award winning oil & gas advisory firm. Our experience crosses oil & gas operations and finance, as well as debt and equity capital markets. We provide corporate M&A, asset A&D, debt and equity capital markets access and strategic advisory to the oil & gas sectors. Our team is comprised of highly experienced financial and industry professionals that have multi-jurisdictional experience at all stages of the E&P cycle, with transactional experience exceeding $65bn.

Aqutera logo_edited.jpg

Aquatera ( provides environmental expertise and operational support for offshore, coastal and land-based activities. Our clients range from multinational corporations and national governments to individuals and community groups in more than 30 countries. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to projects, supporting clients from planning right through to delivery and decommissioning. We are agents in delivering sustainable development and are committed to decarbonising energy generation and facilitating energy security.

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