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The Birkdale Way - Meeting the Global Challenge

The challenges for client operations:

Meeting production needs through increased reliability.

Developing people to meet the AIM strategy.

Enhance reputation and operating environment though incident reductions.

Future proofing of assets and consequently the clients business.

Optimising fixed and variable costs.

Improving process HSSE safety.

Reductions in costly incidents.

Avoidance of potential consequential losses,

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The Birkdale Consultants business model delivers:

A robust investment delivery approach founded upon a dynamic and knowledge based Risk process and digital platform.

SMARTportfolio/SMARTproject & digital infrastructure.

An integrated team approach.

Practitioners who have been there and understand the challenges to successful investment implementation.

An AIM approach which optimizes early opportunities and addresses long term goals.

Asset management providing optimised outputs for the management of physical assets and operational activity.

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